Personal Web

A Personal Web For Everyone And Free

This is my small project that aims to organize information about myself. This personal web is built using html and css, while for version 2 and above, it uses third-party libraries for css and javascript. Meanwhile, the latest version itself is a website that is currently running using a static site generator assisted by Jekyll.

Tech Stacks :

  • - Jekyll
  • - Netlify
  • - Cloudflare

For the second version I used javascript framework technology, Next.JS, which I made this website faster and more interactive. this website to be faster and more interactive. This website uses the APP routing type from Next.JS so that it follows the modernization of the application, in the future I will also convert CSS to Tailwind.

Tech Stacks :

  • - Next.JS
  • - Vercel
  • - Web3Forms
  • - Cloudflare
  • - PWA